Our Services:

Technical Advisory

We advise on technical specifications regarding Mining, Aviation, Wood treatment, Wood exportation and Commercial licences for the above.



We help clients operating in the region with regards to specific advise and information regarding Mining, Aviation, Wood treatment and Wood exportation.



We help our clients develop a strategy to develop products, distribute these products in the region using local partners and also with marketing their products to the masses.


Client testimonials:

We needed help expanding our Telecom Operations in CEMAC region and benefitted greatly from KimMart Group advisory services. Major US Teleco - Private
KimMart Group has proven to be a reliable and knowledgeable partner for the past 5 years and we shall keep working with them. Turkish Multinational - Wood Turk Traders


Wood - KIMMART Group

The Wood Business Unit has a full-service business unit that deals with the exploitation of wood, processing of wood, transportation and exportation of wood. We are focused around sustainable wood exploitation.

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Energy - KIMMART Group

The Renewable Energy business unit focuses on producing innovative products for mass market and for the construction industry. Our current flagship product Ecolite™ is used in both Rural and Urban areas.

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Mining - KIMMART Group

KIMMART Group's flagship asset is the Batare Oya Gold Property located in the Eastern Region of Cameroon, a mining belt hosting several multi-million ounce deposits; with exploitation and exploration licenses.

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Oil Trading

Oil Trading - KIMMART Group

KIMMART Group's Oil and Gas trading serves local and international oil trading companies in and outside CEMAC Zone through a professional network of international reliable suppliers in the oil trading market.

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Telecoms - KIMMART Group

KIMMART Group has a long history of providing Telecom Services to the mass market since the 1990’s in Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon. Services in this Business Unit also include TV and Broadband.

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Aviation - KIMMART Group

The Aviation business unit provides world class aviation services to clients operating in the expansive CEMAC region covering an area of over 3 million square kilometers.

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Latest News


Partnership deal signed with Local Investor

As part of our strategy to bring innovative and ecological products to the market, we have entered into partnership with a local investor in housing to provide modern solar technologies for homes in the prime area of Banamoussadi...