Our primary goal is the extraction, processing and marketing of gold from Cameroon. KIMMART has set up a mining operation in Betare Oya for the professional treatment of gold and the smelting for worldwide export.

We are committed to have the highest quality standard and to put in place a very efficient quality control service which will be reflected through honest and responsible business.

The potential in the gold business in Cameroon is huge especially given the fact that gold is a priced commodity.


KIMMART has begun operations as a small scale gold mining project. This will serve as a catalyst in providing additional revenue required for the expansion of our mining operation and will also be an engine for growth in establishing educational, health and social services for the community.

  • Uplift our performances in all operations so that we set the best possible standard and by so doing contribute to the development of the global community.
  • Adopt the best mining practice while optimizing our production and looking for more efficient methods to extraction gold.
  • Develop an environmentally friendly and sustainable operation. Specific standards have been set to meet up with safety requirements and ensure improved performance.
  • Expand our activity to include the acquisition of other valuable minerals thereby assuring more benefits for our organisation by diversifying our product portfolio. Cameroon is richly endowed with all these minerals amongst others and exploration and exploitation in these business areas only started recently.
  • Enhance the standard of living of our employees and help the local community with the provision of educational and health facilities. We are committing 5% of our net profit for this purpose. The said amount will be deducted at the end of every financial year to undertake any vital project. The project will be supervised by the Management of KIMMART.
  • KIMMART is creating job opportunities.

The gold business in Cameroon would remain an active and attractive investment for a long time. We have seasoned mining experts and we have recruited professionals with good experience in mining operations internationally.


The KIMMART mining project is located in Betare Oya, 510 km from the Cameroonian capital, Yaounde. Betare Oya is not far from the Central African Republic border to the west and is quite accessible through Bertoua on a paved highway. Kimmart Group Mining Locality - Gold in Betare Oya

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